Q. Why did the DPW put blue flags on my property?

“NJ call before you dig” law requires contractors to call 1-800-272-1000 to notify NJ 1 who in turn notify all utilities of any excavating they will be doing in the utilities jurisdiction. The types of work being done consists usually of underground tank removal or underground utility repairs (water, sewer, electric gas cable etc.) The blue flags indicate the location of the water mains and/or water service lines in the area. Do not remove the flags until all work has been completed.

Q. Who is responsible to pick up leaves and brush?

The Borough collects these items as announced throughout the year. There are days when due to the amount of leaves or brush that is to be picked up is too much to be done in one day. The leaves that are collected must be hauled to the MUA in Lafayette which closes at 2 pm. Therefore the truck must leave Ogdensburg by 1 pm to get weighed and dumped off.

Q: Why are water rates so high?

It is hard to believe but our water rates are average. I would love to lower our rates, however it will be difficult because for many years the water department was operating in the red, and had to be supplemented by tax dollars. By using a very low interest loan from the USDA to consolidate previous debts and conservative spending, our water department has been operating in the black for (3) years now.

We need to use these earnings to make many needed repairs and improvements to the water systems infrastructure. The biggest operating expense to the water department is electricity. It costs thousands of dollars to operate the wells, and settling tank. (In a future news letter I will provide actual monthly costs). Unfortunately only one improvement can be made that will decrease electricity usage slightly, and it will be very expensive to implement. Mandatory water quality testing along with the many fees and mandates from the State of New Jersey are the second largest operating cost. The good news is that no rate increase is expected.

Q: How will Radio Read meters help me?

Reading meters presently requires about 12 to 15 days every quarter, Once all the Radio Read meters are installed this should only take a day which should result in substantial savings in labor costs to the water department. Residents will no longer be inconvenienced by the need for someone entering their home for a meter read. Also you will no longer have to fill out post cards when the meter could not be read. Accurate meter readings every time will also eliminate estimates.

Q: Why is it taking so long to get a Radio Read meter and when will I get one?

The biggest delay in this project was caused by a software supplier not delivering his contractual obligations. Due to the contract and cost considerations we had to try and resolve many issues before eventually terminating his contract (he was not paid). We then had to start over. Before we started replacing all the water meters in town, it was important to make sure that they were accurate, trouble free, and that they functioned as specified. They have passed all tests with flying colors, and we will be starting a replacement program. (Look for more information on meter replacement schedules in future news letters)